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 Brandon, Madison, Jackson, Canton, Ridgeland, Pearl, Florence, Richland, Byram.

Mississippi Home Inspectors



     This may not look dangerous, however it is. This is a live electrical wire that stays energized all the time. It was noted in a new home inspection in Mississippi. The electrician/builder ran wiring for a plug receptacle at the end of the cabinet. The wire, being inside the cabinet, was over looked and the plug did not get installed. No person on this earth is perfect and mistakes are made. This is one great reason to have your new home inspected.


Mississippi Home Inspectors Report Condition. Click on some of the inspection photo's to see more on that subject. These Photo's come from thousands of inspections preformed by a Mississippi Licensed Home Inspector over several years of full time inspecting. This website is full of helpful ideas and information and is not designed to teach home inspection. You will see all types of property condition from correct and incorrect installations to elements that wear out. I would strongly recommend you consult a Licensed Home Inspector to inspect any property, new or old, before completing the transaction. It is also a Great idea to have your home inspected if you have never done so. I invite you to call A Wise Inspector Service LLC at 601-540-0144 Today.


The fourth breaker from the bottom on the left side is double tapped and should not be. This a common condition reported by Mississippi home inspector Scott Adcock of A Wise Inspector Service. Consult a qualified electrician to repair the condition and obtain documentation.

This damaged old light fixture was in a little Childs closet. Did you think to look in the closets.

This is a common electrical condition. In new homes sometimes the electrician or builder fails to install the power attic ventilator that they pre-wired for. In older homes the power attic ventilator gets replaces with a wind turbine and the electrical wiring fails to get properly terminated.

Look closely. Did you see the burnt section in the wire under the kitchen sink. I pray your home inspector sees it. Oh, you did not get a home inspection. Its not to late. Call a Qualified Mississippi home inspector today. You need to know about these kinds of conditions.

This is a close up of the burnt wire shown on the left photo. This is a high hazard area as many sinks developed a leak, have leaked and or leaking now. Water and electricity do not mix.

The wire I am holding is a ground wire. As you can see it is loose, not connected to the ground rod that is driven into the ground. This is a pretty common condition reported in a home inspection. The ground rod is bent and was most likely hit with a lawn mower. The clamp is nowhere in sight. The report comment read something like: Exterior ground wire is not connected to ground rod. Consult a qualified electrician to properly secure the ground provision the the ground rod and obtain documentation.




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Reducing the Watts using LED bulbs can also be a way to fix a light switch that is overheating due to overload. Not only do you reduce the stress on the switch and wiring, reduce the risk of fire but you will save money on the electric bill. Replace the old light bulbs with LED.